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sat 18 may 2024 16:00 CET

Soul Jazz from the fifties; Shamelessly popular yet pioneering, flutist Herbie Mann explored Latin American music, world music, rhythm and blues, pop, rock, soul, reggae, and disco. In this episode, we present a compilation of his soul jazz from the sixties and seventies featuring Dave Pike, Roy Ayers, Sonny Sharrock, Chuck Rainey, Bernard Purdie, David “Fathead” Newman, and many others.


The Beat Goes On (The Beat Goes On, Atlantic 1967)

Today (Today, Atlantic 1966)

Philly Dog (Our Mann Flute, Atlantic 1966)

West-African High Life (The Beat Goes On, Atlantic 1967)

Norwegian Wood (The Whirling Dervishes, Atlantic 1967)

There Is A Mountain (Windows Opened, Atlantic 1968)

Memphis Underground (Memphis Underground, Atlantic 1969)

Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty (Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty, Embryo 1970)

Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Mississippi Gambler, Atlantic 1972)

(Gimme Some Of That Good Old) Soul Beat Momma (Atlantic 1973)

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