Hard Bop Boulevard

sun 16 dec 2007 15:30 
Genre: Bebop

Curtis Amy is an exponent of the macho Texas tenor sound.
After thorough technical and theoretical education he settled on the West Coast at the age of 26. Pacific Jazz Records discovered him and released half a dozen stringent albums of him at which the Hammond organ is also present.

1. Come Rain Or Come Shine     (H.Arlen-J.Mercer)     4:55
   CD: Curtis Amy (Mosaic Select 7)
2. Gone Into It     (Curtis Amy)     6:14
   CD: idem
3. Bobblin’     (Curtis Amy)     5:18
   CD: idem
4. Lonely Woman     (Curtis Amy)     3:46
   CD: idem
5. A Shade Of Brown     (Clifford Solomon)     5:57
   CD: idem