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Hard Bop Boulevard

sun 15 jun 2008 15:30 
Genre: Bebop
Composer: Quincy Jones

In 1951 Quincy Jones (1933) joined the trumpet section of the Lionel Hampton Big Band but soon discovered his talents lied elsewhere: arranging, composing and later on conducting and producing. In honour of his 75th birthday we are featuring his first album as leader (he was 23 at the time): ‘This is how I feel about jazz’.


1.     Walkin’     (Richard Carpenter)    
        CD: The Quincy
Jones ABC/Mercury Big Band Jazz Sessions
                 Mosaic MD5-237, Disc 1
2.     A Sleepin’ Bee     (H.Arlen-T.Capote)   
        CD: see no 1.
3.     Sermonette     (Julian Adderley)  
        CD: see no 1.
4.     Stockholm
Sweetnin’     (Quincy
        CD: see no 1.