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Hard Bop Boulevard

tue 25 dec 2007 22:30 
Genre: Bebop

The Jazz Crusaders who were born and bred in Houston (Texas) popped up on the West Coast at the end of the fifties. Their first record Freedom Sound, was well received: Wayne Henderson (trombone) and Wilton Felder (tenor) saw to an individual group sound. All pieces were self-written and they also held their own as soloists.
The Jazz Crusaders lasted for exactly ten years with this fresh open hard bop style and subsequently continued on a different path and dropped the word Jazz out of their band name.

1.     The Geek     (Wilton
Felder)     5:39
        CD: The Jazz Crusaders: The Pacific Jazz Quintet Studio Sessions
         Mosaic MD6-230
2.     In A Dream     (Wayne Henderson)     3:22
        CD: idem
3.     The Young Rabbits     (Wayne Henderson)     3:38
        CD: idem
4.     Lazy Canary     (Wayne Henderson)     4:17
        CD: idem
5.     Lonely Horn     (Wilton
Felder)     3:53
        CD: idem
6.     Brother Bernard     (Joe Sample)     4:24
        CD: idem