Hard Bop Boulevard

tue 15 jul 2008 15:30 
Genre: Bebop
Composer: Duke Ellington

Tenor saxophone player Clifford Jordan (part 2). In 1957 this Chicago born jazz musician left an impressive mark: he recorded 3 albums for Blue Note in just 8 months’ time. Today pieces of his debut album “Blowing in from Chicago” and of his third album “Cliff Craft”.

1.     Blue Lights     (Gigi Gryce)   
        CD: Clifford Jordan & John Gilmore: “Blowing In From Chicago

                Blue Note Records, Rudy Van Gelder Edition, 7243 5 42306 2

2.     Laconia
     (Clifford Jordan)    
        CD: Cliff Jordan: “Cliff Craft”
                Blue Note ST-56584

3.     Sophisticated Lady     (Duke Ellington)   
        CD: see number 2.

4.     Cliff Craft     (Clifford Jordan)   
        CD: see number 2.