Hard Bop Boulevard

sun 3 aug 2008 15:30 
Genre: Bebop
Composer: Horace Silver

Bass player Doug Watkins (1934-1962) belonged to a generation of extraordinary talented Detroit players. In the fifties he left to play with the Jazz Messengers and the quintet of piano player Horace Silver in New York. The small Transition label acted promptly to record an album with Doug Watkins as leader: ‘Watkins at Large’ (1956).

1.     Doodlin’ (Horace Silver)
        CD: Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers
                Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 8 75339 2 9

2.     What’s New (B.Haggart-J.Burke)
        CD: Donald Byrd & Doug Watkins: The Transition Sessions
                Blue Note Records 7243 5 40528 2 8

3.     Phil T. McNasty’s Blues (Traditional)
        CD: see number 2.

4.     El Sino (Charles Majeed Greenlea) 10:02
        CD: see number 2.