Hard Bop Boulevard

tue 12 aug 2008 22:30 
Genre: Bebop
Composer: Thad Jones

Part 2 about bass player Doug Watkins (1934-1962). He died way too early because of a fatal car accident. During the 7 years he was active in the studios he played an impressive oeuvre together. The Prestige album ‘Soulnik’ from 1960 is very special because he was playing the cello and lavishly threw solos around.


1.     More of the same (Thad Jones)
        CD: Donald Byrd & Doug Watkins: The Transition Sessions
                Blue Note Records 7243 5 40528 2 8

2.     Panonica (Duke Jordan)
        CD: see number 1.

3.     People will say we’re in love (R.Rodgers-O.Hammerstein)
        CD: see number 1.

4.     Invisible Lady (Charles Mingus)
        CD: Charles Mingus: Passions of a man; The complete Atlantic Recordings 1956-  

5.     Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am (Charles Mingus)
        CD: see number 4.