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Hard Bop Boulevard

tue 2 sep 2008 15:30 
Genre: Bebop
Composer: Horace Silver

Tenor saxophone player Ralph Moore (1956) was born in London but moved to the US in 1972. Between 1981 and 1985 he played with piano player Horace Silver and other celebrities. In 1985 his first album as leader was released on which he demonstrated a restrained accurate style with intelligently processed Coltrane influences.

1.         Back Room Blues         (Brian Lynch)        
            Ralph Moore: Round Trip
            Reservoir RSR CD 104

2.         Bewitched         (Rodgers-Hart)        
            See number 1.

3.         Christina         ((Buster Williams)        
            Ralph Moore Quartet:

623 C Street
            Criss Cross Jazz Criss 1028 CD

4.         Exact Change         (Mulgrew Miller)        
            Ralph Moore Quintet: Rejuvenate!
            Criss Cross Jazz Criss 1035 CD