Hard Bop Boulevard

thu 11 sep 2008 02:30 
Genre: Bebop

Tenor saxophone player Johnny Griffin died on 25 July 2008 at the age of 80. His nicknames were The Little Giant and The Fastest Gun in the West. In 1946 he started out in Lionel Hampton’s bigband, where he met trumpet player Joe Morris. In 1947 he performed in Morris’ rhythm & blues band. (part 1)

1.         Air Mail Special-Part 1 (Goodman-Mundy-Christian)  
            CD: Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra
                    Classics 946


 2.        Air Mail Special-Concluded (Goodman-Mundy-Christian) 
      CD: see 1.  


3.         Fly Mister Fly (Joe Morris)  
            LP: Johnny Griffin with Joe Morris Orchestra: Fly Mister Fly
                    Saxophonograph BP 504

4.         Wilma’s Idea (Joe Morris) 
            LP: see 3.

5.         Out of the Night (Joe Morris) 
            LP: see 3.

6.         Lowe Groovin’ (Joe Morris)  
            LP: see 3.

7.         The Spider (John Griffin) 
            LP: see 3.

8.         Wow! (Joe Morris)  
            LP: see 3.

9.         Weasel Walk (Joe Morris) 
            LP: see 3.