Hard Bop Boulevard

sun 14 sep 2008 15:30 
Genre: Bebop
Composer: Thelonious Monk

Tenor saxophone player Johnny Griffin (1928-2008) part 2. From 1954 he started to operate with his own bands in and around Chicago. He also played regularly with the whimsical piano player Thelonious Monk. In 1956 he released his first album under his own name. Next he would release more than a dozen albums for Riverside and Blue Note until 1962.

1.         Tempo’s Birthday (Lionel Hampton-Joe Morris)
            CD: Hamp, The legendary Decca Recordings of Lionel Hampton
                    Decca Jazz GRD-2-652, Disc 1

2.         Walkin’ Home (A.Cobb-C.Thompson)
            LP: Okeh Jazz: Arnett Cobb (septet)
                   Epic LP EG 37315

3.         Jumpin’ the blues (A.Cobb-G.Rhodes)
            LP: see 2.

4.         Flying Home (B.Goodman-L.Hampton-S.Robin)
            LP: Okeh Jazz: Little Johnny Griffin (septet)
                    Epic LP EG 37315

5.         Till we meet again ((R.Whiting-R.Egan)
            LP: see 4.

6.         Chicago
Riffin’ (R.Whiting-R.Egan)
            LP: see 4.

7.         For Dancers Only (S.Oliver)
            LP: see 4.

8.         Riff Raff (Wilbur Ware)
            CD: Johnny Griffin (quartet)
                    Verve 0602465461022 (Argo LP-624)

9.         These foolish things ((H.Link-J.Maschwitz-J.Strachey)
            CD: see 8.

10.        Lollypop (J.Griffin)
             CD: see 8.