Hard Bop Boulevard

tue 7 oct 2008 15:30 
Genre: Bebop

Tenor saxophone player Johnny Griffin (part 4). Forming a tenor tandem with colleague Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, he knocked about America for a while. They tried to outdo each other at daredevil speeds but they also showed their tender sides in their ballad performances.

1. Lonely One (Babs Gonzales)
    CD: Johnny Griffin Sextet: The Little Giant
            Riverside VDJ-1547

2. Nocturne (Bill Lee)
    CD: Johnny Griffin: Change of Pace
            Riverside OJCCD-1922-2 (RLP- 9368)

3. Soft and Furry (Johnny Griffin)
    CD: see 2.

4. The Last of the Fat Pants (Johnny Griffin)
    CD: see 2.

5. Why Not? (Johnny Griffin)
    CD: see 2.

6. 63rd Street Theme (Johnny Griffin)
    CD: see 1.