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Hard Bop Boulevard

tue 14 oct 2008 15:30 
Genre: Bebop

Saxophone player Johnny Griffin (part 5). He wasn’t just on fire when he played a daredevil tempo but also in a medium piece or a ballad. Attention for 2 Riverside albums with a mild and lyrical streak: The Kerry Dancers and Pisces on which he was accompanied by piano players Barry Harris and Horace Parlan.


1.     Hot Sausage (Jody Christian)  
        CD: Johnny Griffin Quartet: Way Out
                OJCCD 1855-2

2.     The Kerry Dancers (traditional/arr. Griffin
        LP: Johnny Griffin Quartet: The Kerry Dancers and other swinging folk
                Riverside LP RLP 9420

3.     Oh, Now I See (Johnny Griffin) 
        LP: see 2.

4.     Hush-a-Bye (Fain-Seelen-Thomas)  
        LP: see 2.

5.     Pisces (Johnny Griffin) 
        CD: Johnny Griffin & Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis: Pisces
                CD: Riverside

6.     Little John (John Hines) 
        CD: see 1