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Hard Bop Boulevard

sun 13 jan 2008 15:30 
Genre: Bebop
Composer: Frank Rosolino

Tenor saxophone player Harold Land (1928-2001), part 2. He joined the quintet of bass player Curtis Counce and released a few albums under his own name which belonged to the best of the fifties and sixties.

1.   Chrisdee    (Stan Levey)   4:24
      CD: Frank Rosolino: Free For All
              OJCCD-1763-2 (SP-2161)
2.   Little Chris   (Harold Land)   5:07
      CD: Harold Land: The Fox
              OJCCD-343-2 (S7619)
3.   Free For All   (Frank Rosolino)   4:42
      CD: see no 1
4.   On Top of Old Smokey   (Public Domain)   2:57
      CD: Carmell Jones
              Mosaic Select 2
5.   Rosie’s Spirit   (Red Mitchell; Progressive, BMI)   5:25
      CD: The RedMitchell-Harold Land Quintet
              Atlantic 1376-2
6.   Los Moros de Espana   (Gerald Wilson)   3:06
      CD: The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings of Gerald Wilson and his Orchestra
              Mosaic MD5-198