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Holiday for Hipsters

mon 30 mar 2015 23:00 

Jazz and blues from the thirties, forties and fifties as it was appreciated by the hipsters, hepcats and beatniks.

1. Blutopia (Ellington) Duke Ellington
D.E.T.S. 903 9001
2. Low Gravy (Morton) Jelly Roll Morton
Joker SM 3553
3. Que Si, Que No… Que No, Que Si (Vásquez) Ernesto Lecuona
Wegam-Wesgram KBOX3471C
4. Man Of Moods (Jordan, Payne) Cecil Payne
Avid AMSC 1150
5. I Wrote This For The Kid (Jacquet) Illinois Jacquet
Verve 2304555
6. From This Morning On (Porter) Lena Horne
Retrospective RTS 1257
7. Chinatown, My Chinatown (Schwartz, Jerome) Jack Teagarden Jam
London 6.24060
8. Slats (Newman) Harry James
Avid AMSC 1149
9. Marie (Berlin) Muggsie Spanier
Columbia PG 31564
10. A Jumpin’ Something (Hines) Earl Hines
Avid AMSC 1152
11. Two Spoos In An Igloo (Finckel) Boyd Raeburn
12. Can’t Get Out Of This Mood (Loesser, McHugh) Sarah Vaughan
Joan 7222
13. Hallelujah! (Youmans, Robin, Grey) Glenn Miller
RCA LPM-9944
14. Slow Boat To China (Loesser) Phil Woods
Avid AMSC 1150
15. I’m Trying (Campbell?) Little Milton
Red Lightnin’ RL 0011
16. Bean Stalkin’ (Parker) Charlie Parker
Mosaic MD7-129