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Holland Jazz

sat 17 apr 2021 19:00 

Dutch Jazz on CD, compiled by Jan Verwey.

Theme: The Metropole Orchestra.

Tonight’s theme is the world-renowned Metropole Orchestra, playing in every possible style, like jazz, classical, pop, soul, musical, etcetera. The orchestra is home to great musicians, also in jazz: Bart van Lier, now retired, Hans Vrooman and Rik Mol and Sjoerd Dijkhuizen have recently joined the line-up.

This programme features four albums with varying atmospheres because of the different styles and because the conductors and arrangers provide a certain timbre. For example, Vince Mendoza, Jim McNeely and John Clayton are all world-famous for conducting and arranging, and so is Rob Pronk. It is also remarkable that none of the 4 CDs is for sale and have all been produced through subsidies.

By the way, their permanent conductor has been Jules Buckley for some years now.


CD 1 : ‘No Parangolé do Samba’ – 2011 – Jazzism/NTR
CD 2 : ‘De muziek van Charles Mingus’ – 2011 – Jazzism/VPRO
CD 3 : ‘Studio Sessions’ – 2020 – BNP Paribas, main sponsor MO
CD 4 : ‘Conducted by Rob Pronk’ – 2003 – NPS Radio/MO.

Engineering: Willem van Schip

Produced & presented by: