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tue 17 jan 2017 21:00 

In this second part of the Café Sonore Special in honour of Art’s Birthday 2017, you can listen to all things wonderful being broadcast by radio stations from all over the world, for an entire hour.  Also, some expected and unexpected guest will pop up, and if we’re lucky, a few radio plays will be created on the spot by none other than Willem de Ridder. All in all, a really colourful Fluxus evening.

Title        : MESS
Composer    : Frederic Acquaviva
Performers    : Frederic Acquaviva
Duration    : 9:00

Title        : Art’s Birthday Hoorspel (Radio play) #2
Performers    : Willem de Ridder, Harrold Roeland and Hero Wouters
Duration: 8:00

Title        : Climate Of Pi
Composer    : Bianca Holst
Performers    : Bianca Holst
Duration: 20:30

Produced by: