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Old and new

01. I’m old fashioned (Jerome Kern/Johnny Mercer)
Rob van Kreeveld (p)

02. A bit nervous (Misha Mengelberg)
Misha Mengelberg (p); Brad Jones (b); Joey Baron (d)

03. Four bar intro with tag (Ellis Larkins)
Ellis Larkins (p); Joe Benjamin (b)

04. Spillin’ the tea (Emmet Cohen)
Emmet Cohen (p); Russell Hall (b); Kyle Poole (d)

05. Nightlake (Richie Beirach)
Kenny Barron (p); Charlie Haden (b); Roy Haynes (d)

06. As the decade passed (Lex Jasper)
Lex Jasper (p); Vincent Koning (g); Frans van Geest (b)
Riverside String Orchestra arranged and conducted by Oliver F. Koelling

07. Piano sonata nr. 23 ‘Appassionata’ – 1st movement (Ludwig van Beethoven)
Xavi Torres (p); Joan Terol (d)

08. Invisible treads (Marta Warelis)
Marta Warelis (p)

09. Room 7 (Julian Schneemann)
Julian Schneemann (p); Emmy Storms (v); Jawa Manla (ud); Jeroen Batterink (d)

01. Kreeveld, R. van (2000). Solo Piano ‘Jazz at the Pinehill. Challenge Records (rec. 1999)
02. Mengelberg Trio, M. (1994). Who’s Bridge. Avant (rec. 1994)
03. Larkins, E. (2005). Manhattan at midnight. Lone Hill Records (rec. 1956)
04. Cohen, E. (2022). Uptown in orbit. Mack Avenue Records (rec. 2021)
05. Barron, K. (1994). Wanton spirit. Gitanes/Verve (rec. 1994)
06. Jasper, L. (2021). Lexposure. Challenge Records (rec. 2020)
07. Torres, X. (2022). Kind of Beethoven. Just Listen Records (rec. 2021)
08. Warelis. M (2022). A grain of Earth. Pitch Records (rec. 2021)
09. Schneemann, J. (2022). Caravan III. Julian Schneemann Records (rec. 2021)

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