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sat 23 jul 2016 17:00 

From the Panorama Cloud Nights Concerts in Club Nine, Tivoli, Vredenburg in Utrecht, recordings from the bands Drumwise and Baggiani.

The foundation U-jazz, which stands for Utrecht-jazz, organises every week on Friday evening concerts with small groups, the so-called ‘Panorama Cloud Nights’ in club Nine, Tivoli, Vredenburg in Utrecht. On 19 Februari 2016, the duo of Marc van Roon and Wim Kegel performed. Drumwise is a project started by Wim Kegel.


The combination of piano with percussion was very common in the beginning of jazz, and it is now converted to a contemporary idiom by drummer Wim Kegel and pianist Marc van Roon.


They play the pieces Silence, Take the A-Train and Transatlantic Connections. 11 December, the band ‘ Baggiani’ of drummer Marcos Baggiani played, with Clemens van der Feen on the bass, Guillermo Celano on the guitar and Joachim Badenhorst on the tenor saxophone.  


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