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tue 6 feb 2018 23:00 

This time an hour composed by the YouTubekanaal Chilled Cow, which has the following subtitle: “lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to”. Mostly on the basis of pieces of jazz, sampled of old records.

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The playlist of this hour:
billy the kid – that dream
kaizen – inasmood
sleepdealer – miss you
soho – Still Dreaming
jonas langer – things will be better by morning
Jack CC – flowers
altitude. – c h e r r y
Stackone – Nebula
joeshort – season
baaskaT – Bittersweet
jinsang – island
leavv – park walk
Kendall Miles – Light Year Love (w/Somar)
ROOK1E – eden .
Pneumoniker – PleaseLetMeKeepThisMemory
joeshort – p o s t . t h o u g h t
jhfly – stars washing over me
ryoga – lovely
Clouds x HM Surf – Cloudsurfing
plcmnt – 3am at the beach
fcj – no life
chuckee. – birthday beats
saiko – asleep
spliff jacksun – sum loops
nohidea. – neon desert
Caleb Belkin – Lauren
Kendall Miles – sweetbn_ – Flowers
e e v e e – dreamer
jinsang – restless
brandonhult. – im starting to feel whole again
Lost Son – life moves pretty fast
purpan.x.bad.summer. – autumn.
jinsang – moonlight
tomppabeats – dark day
knowmadic – empty


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