sat 4 jan 2020 22:00 
Composer: Chick Corea

Back to the Fusion, focus on drummer Dennis Chambers

Superb drummer Dennis Chambers feels comfortable with Jazz, Pop, Rock and Fusion. He played, and still does today, with varying artists like John McLaughlin, The P-Funk All Stars, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Victor Wooton, Mike Stern, John Scofield and Steely Dan. He even went on a tour with megastar Santana in the past few years. His irresistible groove makes him sound unique in every situation. In today’s programme, we will hear a special small selection of studio recordings which were carefully selected by Felix Schlarmann. However, if we consider the size of Dennis Chambers’ oeuvre, the programme could last for an entire day. We will have a look the time when he started with John Scofield, but also at his own work. In addition, we will pay attention to his projects with Mike Stern, Victor Wooten and the Brecker Brothers. You will also hear a track of Niancin, one of his fusion/jazz rock bands and, finally, you will hear of course highlights from his funky play with Bootsy Collins and the P-Funk allstars.


  1. So You Say – John Scofield (Blue Matter, 1987)
    2. Funky D – Victor Wooten (Trypnotyx, 2017)
    3. Otay – Dennis Chambers (Outbreak, 2002)
    4. Flash Light – P-Funk All Stars (Live at the Beverly Theater 1983)
    5. King Of The Lobby – The Brecker Brothers (Return of the Brecker Brother, 1992)
    6. Blue Matter – John Scofield (Blue Matter, 1987)
    7. Tipatina’s – Mike Stern (Play, 1999)
    8. Damaged Goods – Niacin (Time Crunch, 2008)
    9. Baltimore, DC – Dennis Chambers (Outbreak, 2002)
    10. Come Back Bootsy – Bootsy Collin (World Wide Funk, 2017)
    11. Give Up the Funk – P-Funk All Stars (Live at the Beverly Theater 1983)
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