sat 28 mar 2020 22:00 

Our Dear Metropolis – Gallowstreet


Today at JazzNotJazz, We have Amsterdam’s very own brass band ‘Gallowstreet’ with their newest album ‘Our Dear Metropolis’. The band is known for their hard hitting, through-the-roof positive energy as they really know how to inspire a party, by carrying on a legacy and adapting to the times.

We’re going to listen to the whole album and the band leader/baritone saxophonist of the band Dirk Zandvliet will be there with us to tell us about their music.

1.    Metro Magnet
2.   Bois Et Lombre
3.   Sativa
4.   Mellow Yellow
5.   Purple Whip
6.   Freelance Romance
7.   Out West New West
8.   Motorolex
9.   Happy Yuppy
10. 52 North
11.  Masters of Infinity
12. Our Dear Metropolis


To order a signed copy of the album, go to: www.gallowstreet.com
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