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sat 4 apr 2020 22:00 
Composer: Miles Davis
JazzNotJazz focus on Herbie Hancock part 1 – the 70s and 80s.
We’ll take you from his Mwandishi time via The Headhunters all the way to Future Shock.

This two-part JazzNotJazz special is about one of the most legendary jazz pianists and composers: Herbie Hancock (1940), a musician with a fantastic career. He was part of Miles Davis’ band, leader of the groundbreaking band The Headhunters and composer of jazz hits like Rockit.

In part one of this special, we focus on the 70s and 80s of his enormous career by playing a number of tracks from various albums from that time. After Hancock had worked with Miles Davis on his album Bitches Brew, he became fascinated by electronic instruments, and this fascination became the basis of his electric period.


1. Watermelon Man – Head Hunters (1973)
2. Hang Up Your Hang Ups – Man Child (1975)
3. Butterfly – Thrust (1974)
4. Rain Dance – Sextant (1973)
5. I Thought It Was You – Sunlight (1978)
6. Just Around the Corner – Mr. Hands (1980)
7. Rockit – Future Shock (1983)
8. Satisfied with Love – Magic Windows (1981)
9. Lite Me Up! – Lite Me Up (1982)


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