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sat 1 may 2021 22:00 

JazzNotJazz – Dutch Jazz

Jazzdrummer Felix Schlarmann’s 50th program for Dutch online radio Concertzender Nederland focusses on the music of the Dutch National Youth Orchestra and its musical leaders.

Recently saxophone player Maarten Hogenhuis, Felix’ long-time bandmate, was announced the new leader of the national youth jazz orchestra. He is taking over from singer Ruben Hein.
During a livestream concert in April ’21 all future, current and past leaders played together with the orchestra and the band BRUUT!, since Hogenhuis is part of that group, as Felix Schlarmann is, too. The concert included Martin Fondse. Benjamin Herman, Eric Vloeimans and Anton Goudsmit.

This program introduces some music of these groups and gentlemen, opening up with a track by the Youth Orchestra itself.


01. Modern Warfare – Ruben Hein & Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest (Mosaic, 2020)
02. Missing Fundamental – Maarten Hogenhuis (Rise & Fall, 2019)
03. Tuyo (Narcos Theme) – BRUUT! & Anton Goudsmit (Go Surfing, 2019)
04. Everything I Say (Magnolia) – Ruben Hein (Groundwork Rising, 2018)
05. el Hugonote/Franje – Anton Goudsmit (Ton Petit, 2021)
06. And the Sea Said to the Mountain – Kika Sprangers, Martin Fondse & Jörg Brinkmann (And the Sea Said To The Mountain, 2021)
07. Indian Hay – Benjamin Herman (Blue Sky Blond, 2009)
08. Por las Ramas – Eric Vloeimans & Juan Pablo Dobal (Viento Zonda, 2018)
09. Brant! – BRUUT! & Anton Goudsmit (Go Surfing, 2019)
10. Ando – Maarten Hogenhuis (Trio + 3, 2020)
11. Sara, Sunbathing – Benjamin Herman (Collected Ballads, 2021)
12. Fool By Morning – Ruben Hein (Hopscotch, 2013)


Foto: © Steven Rieder


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