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sat 28 may 2022 22:00 

This week’s regular show includes three keyboard players who went through Miles Davis University. The great hope within the blues in the 80s and a long piece by Miles with his love for the music of Duke Ellington.

JazzNotJazz is a series of unique mixtapes made up of 100 years of jazz recordings, with useful and sometimes not so useful facts. It is also about The Soul of Jazz, so detours into related styles are guaranteed. There are irregularly recurring items, such as “The Unplayed Standard”, “Ellington Train Songs”, “Jazz Cameos” and “More is Better”.

Track 01: Weather Report, Palladium (JKX0173) – n. 6
Track 02: Marc Moulin, Organ (JE21198) – n. 5
Track 03: Marcus Roberts, Time And Circumstance (JE14259) – n. 8
Track 04: Herbie Hancock, Chan’s Song (Never Said) (HFX0123) – n. 11
Track 05: Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Johnny Copeland, The Dream (JK166335) – n. 7
Track 06: Chick Corea, Armando’s Rhumba (JEX0218) – n. 8
Track 07: Emperors New Clothes, Leaders And Believers (JK76767) – n. 1
Track 08: Miles Davis, He Loved Him Madly (JE16200) – n. 4


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