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sat 22 oct 2022 22:00 CET
Composer: Dave Grusin

This Saturday, in JazzNotJazz, a non-stop programme featuring two guilty pleasures. At least where it concerns this compiler 🙂

But also where it concerns the Penguin Guide to Jazz non-existent…!

Bob James & Dave Grusin were and are highly sought-after studio musicians, arrangers, and so much more (music for films and TV series!). The first time listening to it, perhaps too sweet and accessible, but upon careful consideration it always has: a funky rhythm section, solid themes, and not to forget… jazzy solos! To emphasise, we present a selection composed by the two gentlemen from their solo albums from the 70s and 80s.

Ears open and, above all, an open mind!

JazzNotJazz is a programme where from 100 years of Jazz recordings, a unique mixtape is compiled with useful and sometimes not-so-useful facts. It’s also about The Soul of Jazz, so forays into affiliated styles are sure to be made. There are irregular sections, such as “The Not Played Down Standard”, “Ellington Train Songs”, “Jazz Cameos” and “More is Better”.

Track 01: Bob James, Night Crawler
Track 02: Dave Grusin, She Could Be Mine
Track 03: Bob James, Hypnotique
Track 04: Dave Grusin, Mountain Dance
Track 05: Bob James, Tappan Zee
Track 06: Dave Grusin, Three Days Of The Condor
Track 07: Bob James, Snowbord Fantasy
Track 08: Dave Grusin, Modaji
Track 09: Bob James, Shamboozie
Track 10: Dave Grusin, Santa Clara Suite

Produced by:
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