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sat 5 nov 2022 22:00 

JazzNotJazz – Paul Motian part 2

Jazzdrummer Felix Schlarmann’s 57th program for Dutch online radio Concertzender Nederland focusses with a second part on the known and less known early work of drummer Paul Motian.
How was the open playing developed that we know so well from his later work? Listen to his famous earlier work with Bill Evans, Warne Marsh or Keith Jarrett, but also to more obscure recordings all the way from folk, country, straight ahead jazz to avant-garde.


1. Somewhere Before – Keith Jarrett (Somewhere before, 1969)
2. Coming into Los Angeles (live) – Arlo Guthrie (The Sound Of Summer, 1969)
3. Someday my Prince will come – Bill Evans (Portrait in Jazz, 1959)
4. No Trouble livin’ – Moose Allison (Wild man on the lees, 1966)
5. Five – Bill Evans (New Jazz Conceptions, 1957)
6. Guys and Dolls – Eddie Costa (Guys and Dolls Like Vibes, 1958)
7. War Orphans – Charlie Haden (Liberation Music Orchestra 1969)
8. Solar – Bill Evans (Sunday at the Village Vanguard, 1961)
9. Lisbon Stomp – Keith Jarrett (Life Between the Exit Signs, 1969)
10. Just Squeeze Me – Warne Marsh (Warne Marsh, 1958)
11. My Back Pages – Keith Jarrett (Somewhere before, 1969)


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