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sat 25 may 2024 12:00 hrs

In JazzNotJazz, we create a unique mixtape from 100 years of Jazz recordings, combined with relevant, or sometimes not-so-relevant facts. The focus of this program is The Soul of Jazz, so we will most definitely deviate to associated genres. We also have some infrequently recurring segments such as “De Niet Platgespeelde Standard” (The Unplayed Standard), “Ellington Train Songs,” “Jazz Cameosl,” and “More is Better.”

That Hugh Laurie had a connection with music was evident from series such as A Bit Of Fry And Laurie and House. This English actor and comedian, famous for legendary series like the ones mentioned above as well as Blackadder, showcased his guitar and piano skills on screen, along with his vocals. But with the release of the album Let Them Talk (2011), it became evident that this interest had been a long-standing and profound passion for old music. Which is also clear from his own thorough and humorous liner notes. Hugh sought out a competent producer (Joe Henry) and talented musicians to create his second album: Didn’t it Rain! His music was influenced by blues, jazz, R&B, gospel, and country, with occasional touches of Spanish music. For this episode, we’ve searched for the original versions of the songs performed by Laurie, as well as versions that inspired him, and occasionally, versions that we just simply love. Because who needs a reason to play some more Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Bessie Smith and Ray Charles? Famous, kindred musicians were eager to collaborate. So, if you think you’re hearing Taj Mahal or Larry Goldings , you’re absolutely right :-). In the episode of JazzNotJazz on 30 March 2024, we looked at his first album in the same way as we do now. Let Them Talk!


Track 01: Hugh Laurie, The St. Louis Blues

Track 02: Bessie Smith & Louis Armstrong, St. Louis Blues

Track 03: Hugh Laurie, Kiss Of Fire

Track 04: Louis Armstrong, Kiss Of Fire

Track 05: Hugh Laurie, Vicksburg Blues

Track 06: Little Brother Montgomery, Vicksburg Blues

Track 07: Hugh Laurie, Evenin’

Track 08: Cab Calloway, Evenin’

Track 09: Hugh Laurie, Didn’t It Rain

Track 10: The Golden Gate Quartet, Didn’t It Rain

Track 11: Hugh Laurie, Careless Love

Track 12: Ray Charles, Careless Love

Track 13: Hugh Laurie, I Hate A Man Like You

Track 14: Jelly Roll Morton, I Hate A Man Like You

Track 15: Hugh Laurie, Unchain My Heart

Track 16: Ray Charles, Unchain My Heart

Track 15: Hugh Laurie, They’re Red Hot

Track 16: Robert Johnson, They’re Red Hot

Produced by:
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