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Series about and with Catalan gambist and conductor Jordi Savall and his CD book Dinastia Borgia.

In 2010, it was 500 years ago since the birth of the later canonized Francesco Borja in Gandia, Spain. For this occasion, AliaVox released a CD box with worldly and religious music from the days of the Borgias. On these three CDs, Jordi Savall gathered earlier recordings, mainly originating from Andalusia and Italy. In this episode, compositions from the time of the rise and expansion of the Borgia dynasty, up to the time of pope Alexander VI, Rodrigo de Borgia (1431-1503).

1 Mowachah Billadi Askara Min adbi Llama
Alfonso El Sabio (?)
2 Ductia (CSM 123)
anonymous, Cancionero de Montecassino
3 Strambotto-caccia: Correno multio cani
Guillaume Dufay
4 Ave Maris Stella
5 Makam Muhayyer “Küme” usules Düyek
anonymous, Cancionero de Montecassino
6 Miserere nostri / Vexilla regis
Johannes Cornago
7 Patres Nostris peccaverunt
Haine van Guizeghem / Josquin des Prez
8 De Tous biens plaine
Carlo Verardi (1440 – 1500)
9 Viva el Gran Rey Don Fernando
Heinrich Isaac
10 Lamento per la morte di Lorenzo Il Magnifico
11 Romance: la Rose enflorece
Marbriano de Orto
12 Salve regis Mater / Hic Sacerdos
13 Adonay

Guillaume Dufay / Jordi Savall
14 Rondeau (instr.)
15 Zappay lo campo (instr.)

Montserrat Figueras, soprano. Pascal Bertin, alto. Lluís Vilamajó, tenor. Marc Mauillon, baritone. Furio Zanasi and Daniele Carnovich, bass. Hespèrion XXI & La Capella Reial de Catalunya conducted by Jordi Savall
(AliaVox AVSA 9875 A+B, 2010)

Produced by:
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