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sat 12 mar 2016 10:00 hour
Composers: Martin Fondse | Peter Beets

Criss-cross through Fred’s record cabinet.

1. The highest mountain (C. Jordan)
Cedar Walton Trio & Clifford Jordan (1973)
Lp-12”: ‘A Night at Boomers, Vol.1’ – Muse 5010
2. All over me (B. Joris)
Bert Joris Quartet (2010)
Cd: ‘Only for the Honest’ – 52 Creations CD001
3. Bush Patrol II (M. Fondse)
Martin Fondse Oktemble (1998)
Cd: ‘Upperground’ – BVHaast CD9806
4. Stardust (Parish/Carmichael)
Rita Reys & Bengt Hallberg (1958)
Lp-12”: ‘Two Jazzy People’ – Philips P08203L
5. I’m old fashioned (J. Kern/J. Mercer)
6. Zon in Scheveningen (H. de Groot/H. van Hemert)
7. I’ve got the world on a string (H. Arlen/T. Koehler)
Fay Claassen & Trio Peter Beets (2014)
Cd: ‘Live at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw’ (A glorious Tribute to Rita Reys) – Challenge CR73448
8. A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square (M. Sherwin/E. Maschwitz)
Cees Slinger
9. I should care (A. Stordahl/P. Weston/S. Cahn)
Cees Slinger Trio + Bart van Lier  (2000)
Cd: ‘Then and Now’ – Daybreak DBCHR75222
10. Waltonia (C. Slinger)
Cees Slinger Quartet (1985)
Lp-12”: ‘Sling Shot!’ – Timeless SJP225
11. Broadway (Byrd/McRae/Woode)
Joris Roelofs Trio (2015)
Cd: ‘Amateur Dentist’ – Pirouet PIT3019

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