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sat 11 jan 2020 17:00 

Criss-cross through Fred Dubiez’ record cabinet.

1. Haarlem hot club stomp (F. Johnson)
2. Jungle fever (Dietz/Donaldson)
Freddy Johnson & Lex van Spall and their Orchestra (1934)
3. Something is gonna give me away (C. Hawkins)
Coleman Hawkins and his Quartet (1937)
4. Lamentation (C. Hawkins)
5. Devotion (C. Hawkins)
Coleman Hawkins & Freddy Johnson (1937)
6. Skip it (B. Carter)
7. Blues in my heart (Carter/Mills)
Benny Carter and his Orchestra (1937)
8. Pardon me, pretty baby (Rose/Klages/Meskill)
9. My Buddy (Donaldson) (1937)
Benny Carter, Coleman Hawkins, Freddy Johnson and Orchestra
Lp: ‘Made in Holland, 1934-‘37’ – Panachord H2005
10. Star dust (Carmichael/Parish)
11. Well, all-right then! (C. Hawkins/F. Johnson)
Coleman Hawkins & Freddy Johnson (1937)
12. Blues evermore (C. Hawkins)
13. Dear old Southland (Layton)
14. Way down yonder in New Orleans (Creamer/Layton)
Coleman Hawkins Trio (1938)
15. The maid’s night off (Hudon/OÇonnor)
16. Who’s sorry now? (Snyder)
17. Swinging at the Chez-Florence (Hillman)
Willie Lewis and his Orchestra (1938
Lp: ‘Made in Holland, 1937-‘38’ – Panachord H2008
18. Invitation (B. Kaper/P.F. Webster)
The Doug Webb Trio (2018)
Cd: ‘Doug Webb in Holland’- Daybreak DBCHR75228

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