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L’Esprit Baroque

sun 11 feb 2018 16:00 

The baroque spirit in all his musical shapes. Orpheus in Albion, music from England.


1. From: Broadside Ballad (1568) performed with Hamlet: Awake Ye Woeful Wights
2. From: Broadside Ballad (approx. 1615) performed with Othello: Willow, willow
3. From: Dallis Lute book (1583-85) performed with Merry Wives of Windsor: Fortune my Foe
4. Thomas Morley/William Byrd: performed with Twelfth Night: O Mistress Mine
5. From: The English Dancing master (1651): performed with A Midsummernights dream: You spotted snakes
6. From: The English Dancing master (1651): Kettle Drum /Kemps jig/ Paul’s Steeple

The Playfords
(CD The Hunt is up, Raumklang RK 3404)

7. Sonate et Suite a due in A minor (from library of Uppsala in Sweden)
– Sonata
– Suite: Allemande – Courant – Ballett – Sarabanda – Gigue
8. Sonata 27 (From Durham manuscript mus D2)

Henry Butler (approx. 1652)
9. Sonata 28
10. Sonata 20

La Sainte Folie Fantastique
(CD My precious Manuscript, Alpha 191)


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