L’Esprit Baroque

The baroque spirit in all his musical shapes. Today, you’ll listen to music by English composers for different kinds of bass viol: the consort viol, the lyra viol, and the division viol.

John Jenkins (1592–1678)
1 Pavan in D minor
2 Fantasia no. 6
3 Pavan in E minor
(CD: “Complete four-part consort music”. Signum Records SIGCD 528, 2018)

Tobias Hume (approx. 1569–1645)
From: Captain Humes poeticall musicke
4 The Lady of Sussex delight
5 The Lady Canes delight
6 Sir Christopher Hattons choice
7 What greater griefe
Les Basses Réunies: Guido Balestracci, lyra viol. Bruno Cocset, lyra viol. Richard Myron, consort bass. Bertrand Cuiller, harpsichord.
(CD: “Harke, harke! – Lyra violls humors & delights”. Alpha Classics 197, 2014)

Simon Ives (1600–1662)
8 Mr Whitlock’s coranto for solo lyra viol
9 Humours for two lyra viols
10 Suite for two lyra viols
Jonathan Dunford and Sylvia Abramowicz, lyra viols
(CD: “John Merro’s Book – Music for Lyra Viol from 17th Century England”. J. Dunford / Astres Records, 2020)

Christopher Simpson (approx. 1605–1669)
11 Prelude in G minor
12 Ground in G minor
13 Prelude in E minor
14 Ground in E minor
Mika Suihkonen, viola da gamba. Ballo della Battalia
(CD: “La gamba”. Alba Records ABCD 301, 2011)

Henry Purcell (1659–1695)
15 A new ground in E minor
16 Ground
Lautten Compagney conducted by Wolfgang Katschner
(CD: “Chirping of the nightingale”. Berlin Classics 0017842BC, 2005)

Pictured is the cover page of John Playford’s (1623-1686?) “Musicks recreation on the lyra viol”.

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