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L’Esprit Baroque

The baroque spirit in all his musical shapes.

‘Ballet Royal de La Nuit’, part 1. In February 1653 a spectacular party took place in the Louvre, with the highlight being a dancing 15-year-old Louis XIV. Louis XIV danced to the ‘Ballet Royal de La Nuit’ and gained the nickname ‘ the Sun King’. This is part one of the reconstruction of the ‘Ballet Royal de La Nuit’ by Sébastien Daucé.

Louis XIV, ‘Le Roi Soleil’

In 2020 the French Ensemble Correspondances conducted by Sébastien Daucé released a CD-box with a remake of the ‘Ballet Royal de La Nuit’.

We will be sharing a large portion of this piece, in two episodes. Today we share the first two ‘veilles’ (companies or night watches).

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