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Let’s Hear it

wed 20 jan 2016 07:00 

Anonymous works as well as music by Platti, Boccherini & Graziani.

07:00 Hirundo Maris with love songs from various countries and centuries, including Rosa fresca & Gracias a la Vida.
Hirundo Maris.
[Carpe Diem CD-16307]
08:10 18th century cello concertos:
1. Giovanni Platti. Cello concerto in D major.
2. Luigi Boccherini. Cello concerto in D major.
3. Carlo Graziani. Cello concerto in C major.
Edgar Moreau, cello.
Il Pomo d’Oro conducted by Riccardo Minasi.
[Erato 052660]