Let´s Hear it!

mon 19 jan 2009 06:00 
Composer: Giuseppe Verdi

New CDs with World music.

Popular music from Cape Verde by the Cape Verdian/Senegalese Boy Gé Mendés.
CD Best Of Boy Gé Mendés. Lusafrica LC10412
Riffing on the Arab-Andalusian music tradition, Akim El Sikameya has developed his own airy and elegant style. 
CD Akim El Sikameya – Introducing. Worldmusic Network, Introducing INTRO113
Fresh and contemporary interpretations of folk music from Tuva with traditional instruments and overtone singing. 
CD Huun-Huur-Tu – Mother-Earth! Father-Sky!. Jaro Records JARO 4281-2
Mildly absurd vaudeville music by the Belgian group Mr Diagonal and the Black Light Orchestra.
CD Mr Diagonal and the Black Light Orchestra : BBB. Homerecords 4446041
The Irish folk group Kila is open to anything. The CD Gamblers’ Ballet contains energetic folk in an eclectic style. 
CD Kila – Gamblers’ Ballet. Kila. Kila records KRCD012
On the CD Il Fiori Splendente, the classically trained singer Etta Scollo sings songs inspired by the 1,000-year-old Arabian poems of Sicily.
CD Etta Scollo, Il Fiori Splendente. Etta Scollo. Berlin Classics 0016362BC