Let´s Hear it!

mon 2 feb 2009 06:00 

New CDs with world music.

Popular music imbued with pugnacious traditional Maori singing. 
CD Te Vaka – Olatia, Warm Earth Records WMCD 1007
The Chinese/Mongolian group Hanggai plays songs from Mongolia in a contemporary way using overtone singing and traditional instruments. 
CD Introducing Hanggai. Worldmusic network CD INTRO111
The Balkan Journey has made the CD "Balkan Yolculugu" in honour of clarinet and saxophone player Aytunç Nevzat Matracs (he passed away in 2006). The CD contains cross-border music from Turkey and the Balkans. 
CD Balkan Yolculugu – The Balkan Journey. Kalan CD 001
Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill play English and Irish folk songs on guitar and violin. 
CD Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill – Welcome Here Again. Green Linnet GLCD 1233
The classically trained guitar player Liat Cohen plays variations on Sephardic songs together with Ricardo Moyano and Les Parvarim.
CD Variations Ladino. Liat Cohen. Buda Musique / Soca Disc 860155 / SC870
Hypnotising songs by Wasis Diop from Senegal.
CD Wasis Diop, Judu Bék (The Joy of Living). Wrasse Records WRASS218