Let’s Hear It!

mon 9 feb 2009 06:00 
Composer: Traditional

New CDs with World music.

Nice Sesame street songs from countries like Russia, the United States, Palestine, Israel, China, France, and India.
CD Sesame Street Playground. Putumayo Kids PUT 283-2 PUT 283-2
Traditional Chinese music played on the pipa (lute), erhu (vielle), yangqin (dulcimer) and sheng (mouth organ) by the Silk and Bamboo Ensemble.
CD Traditional Chinese Music – Silk and Bamboo Ensemble. ARC EUCD2177
Folk from Finland, where beautiful sung harmony is accompanied by the kantele, flutes and percussion.
CD Suden Aika – Unta. Rockadillo / Laika-Records ZENCD 2108 / Rough Trade Katalognr.: 351022 2.2
The Afro-Anatolian percussionist Shahin During recorded his album "Afro-Anatolian tales" with Turkish, Kurdish and Armenian musicians. 
CD Afro-Anatolian tales. Rein Music RPM8057
We continue with an impelling mix between the Balkan and Anatolia on the CD "Balkanatolia" by the Turkish Kolektif.
CD Kolektif: Balkanatolia. Baykus Müzik BY0001
Classical music from Persia by one of the best kamanche (vielle) players: Kayhan Kalhor, who’s accompanied by Pejman Hadadi on tombak.
CD Kayhan Kalhor – Scattering Stars Like Dust. Traditional Crossroads CD 4288