Let’s Hear It

Including works by Haydn, Beethoven, Catoire, Lees & Alexanderson

06:00 Joseph Haydn. The Seven Last Words.
Aapo Häkkinen, clavichord.
07:07 Ludwig van Beethoven.
The Pulse Of An Irishman and other songs of the British Isles, including English songs by Ignaz Pleyel and Joseph Haydn.
Wolfgang Holzmair, baritone. Trio Wanderer.
08:20 Georgy l’Vovich Catoire. Works for violin.
Herwig Zack, violin. Bernd Zack, piano.
09:30 Benjamin Lees. Works for piano.
Mirian Conti, piano.
10:08 Helmer Alexandersson. 1. Overture in C Minor. 2. Symphony no 2 in G Minor.
Uppsala Chamber Orchestra conducted by Paul Mägi.