Let’s Hear it

Works by Glass, Reich, Bahir, Budd, Pärt, Kancheli and Kefeli.

07:00 Philip Glass. The Passion of Ramakrishna.
Pacific Chorale & Pacific Symphony conducted by Carl St Clair.
07:45 The CD ‘Dark’ by harpist Julia Rovinsky
with works by Philip Glass, Munir Bashir, Arvo Pärt, Steve Reich and Harold Budd. 
Julia Rovinsky, harp.
08:30 Giya Kancheli. Rag-gidon-time (1995/99).
Goeyvaerts String Trio.
08:48 Works by Israeli composer Abraham Kefeli (born 1972).
1. Quintet ‘Carmecordino’.
2. Variations for string quartet.
3. Quintet ‘Ce-Li-Ha’.
4. Night music.
The Rostov Municipal Quintet ‘Capriccio’.
Rukin String Quartet & Abraham Kefeli, synthesizer.