Let’s Movie!

sun 30 sep 2007 15:00 

Soundtracks from movies all over the world. Devdas (India 2002).

Devdas is a drama directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali in 200. The movie is based on the book Devdas by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhye in 1917. The story takes place in India in about the same time period. The central character is the rowdy Devdas, who wants to do nothing with love, life and all the responsibilities that come with it. The only one who understands him is his neighbour Parvati. Devdas comes from a rich family and his parents cannot change his behaviour, so they send him to a boarding school in London in the hopes that he will return a gentleman. Parvati, or Paro, has a ‘diya’ lit in Devdas’ name and waits for him to return from London. A diya is a candle and is the symbol of life in this film. When Devdas returns, he shines light into the life of his old love Paro. Paro’s mother approves of their relationship, but Devdas’ family refuses to acknowledge Paro as their future daughter-in-law. A big fight breaks out and Devdas leaves his parental home. Paro is married off to a rich widower. Devdas turns to his best friend who introduces him to the world of alcohol and prostitutes. That is where Chandramukhi comes into play, a popular prostitute who entertains the men with her stunning dancing style. The moment she sees Devdas, she falls head over heels in love.
Unfortunately for her, Devdas’ thoughts go out to Paro too much. He does not acknowledge Chandramukhi’s love and gets himself addicted to alcohol soon after. He thinks his pain and sorrow can only be smothered by alcohol.
Towards his own end, he realizes that he has a promise to keep that he made to his old love Paro. He promised her to visit before he died, to say goodbye. On the way to her, his condition gets worse. Devdas is dropped off at a gigantic villa which Paro is staying in. He lies there all night. The next day, a crowd gathers around the man and he calls out Paro’s name. Paro is warned and wants to see her Devdas as soon as possible. Paro’s husband refuses to allow this and thinks of all sorts of ways to stop her. He commands all the gates and doors of the palace are closed. Paro runs as fast as she can. Devdas sees his Paro running towards him. His vision grows more blurry and eventually he breathe’s his last. The diya lit by Paro at the start of the film goes out.