Let’s Movie!

sun 7 oct 2007 15:00 

Soundtracks from films all over the world. Taxi 2 (France 2000).

We have covered Part 1 already in Let’s Movie. In part 2, taxi driver Daniel is entrusted with the bizarre task of freeing the Japanese Minister of Defence.
Daniel hopes to make a good impression on his future in-laws. In order to hide the fact that he’s ‘only’ a taxi driver, he says he’s studying medicine. He also claims to be driving an ambulance for some extra money. The father of his girlfriend is a passionate and completely mad general. He is suddenly called up to be present at the arrival of the Japanese Minister of Defence, in fifteen minutes! Daniel says he can make it in time. And in his taxi, he does. The vehicle sports extra gadgets and the general is very impressed by his driving style.
When they arrive at the airport, on time, Daniel is invited to be present at the reception by his friend and policeman Emilien. A supersonic car will be presented there, which is capable of doing anything and bulletproof as well. It is this vehicle that will transport the Japanese minister to the French minister. Because the real driver gets stuck between the many airbags, the general suggests Daniel drive. He does hear, however, that the police will test the car by attacking it a bunch of times.
Daniel does not know that these attacks are really carried out by the Yakuza. The Yakuza eventually succeed in kidnapping the Japanese minister, as well as a female colleague of Emilien’s who speaks Japanese. Emilien is determined to get them back, not only because he is in love with his colleague. He and Daniel give chase, having to perform all sorts of stunts in their taxi.