Let’s Movie!

tue 30 dec 2008 01:00 

Soundtracks from films worldwide. Se Arrienda (Chile, 2005)

‘Se Arrienda’ is about Gastón Fernández, a 34-year-old man who hasn’t achieved much. He is a non-composing composer and he failed the conservatory of Santiago de Chile. He has no money, job, girlfriend, friends, or life-plan. Gastón is alone and paranoid about his solitude, he’s afraid the word ‘loser’ is imprinted on his forehead. At the same time, some kind of look-alike haunts Gastón’s life. A young man in a long black coat walks through an empty city watching him every step he takes. A city that is not Santiage de Chile and without colour, in black and white. What seems to be either a dream or a nightmare is actually a film within the film: ‘The Killer Ants’, directed by Luc Fernandez, a cousin of main character Gastón.