Live Jazz

sun 10 jun 2007 12:02 
Composers: Carla Bley | Traditional

Paul Bley & Jesper Lundgaard
Pianist Paul Bley usually performed with his own trio or as a soloist. The latter especially gave him a lot of freedom during his performances. While touring he would often look to perform alongside known local musicians. For example, in 1986 he played alongside bass player Jesper Lundgaard at the Danish jazz club “Montmartre”.
1. Blues
2. The Theme
3. Ramblin’
4. Ida Lupino
Paul Bley(p), Jesper Lundgaard(b).
Recorded: 26 March 1986

1. Blues                         Ornette Coleman                          
2. The Theme                  Traditional                                
3. Ramblin’                   Ornette Coleman                       
4. Ida Lupino                  Carla Bley    
   CD:  Steeplechase 31223