Live Jazz

sun 17 jun 2007 12:02 
Composer: Randy Brecker

The Randy Brecker Quintet.
Besides his activities with the popular Brecker Brothers Band, trumpet player Randy Brecker on occasion also worked with a group of his own. The quintet that he toured with in 1987 played in places such as the New York jazz club “Sweet Basil”, where the group also recorded some works.
1. Thrifty Man
2. Incidentally
3. Moontide
Randy Brecker(t), Bob Berg(ts), David
Kikoski(p), Dieter Ilg(b), Joey Baron(d).
Recorded: 18-20 November 1988

1. Thrifty Man                    Randy Brecker                 
2. Incidentally                         “         “                       
3. Moontide                             “         “                           
     CD   Sonet SNTCD 1001