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Long Live Beethoven!

wed 8 apr 2020 10:00 

Cataloguing Beethoven’s works, episode b: works without opus numbers, WoO.

1. March no. 1 in F WoO 18 (Yorck’scher Marsch)

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra; James Judd.

2a. Sonatina for Mandolin and Fortepiano in C, WoO 43a
2b. Adagio in E flat, WoO 43b

Richard Walz, mandolin; Viviana Sofronitzki, fortepiano.

3a. Sonatine for Mandolin and Piano in C, WoO 44 No. 1
3b. Andante con variazioni for Mandolin and Piano in D, WoO 44 No. 2:

Alon Sariel, mandolin; Michael Tsalka, piano.

4. Piano concerto in E flat WoO 4:

Martin Galling , piano. Berliner Symphoniker, Carl-August Bünte

5. March no. 2 in F WoO 19

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra; James Judd.


In 2020 it will be 250 years since Ludwig van Beethoven was born. The Concertzender will tackle this with the ambitious plan to broadcast all of his works at least once during the year. Every week from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 11 am, Beethoven takes centre stage!

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