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Long Live Beethoven!

fri 19 jun 2020 10:00 

Beethoven’s music for the theatre d: Opus 35, 43 and 117; WoO 2a, 94, 96 and 97.

1. König Stephan, Ouverture and incidental music op. 117

Neumar Starling, Vladimir de Kanel, Berliner Konzertchor, Berliner Symphoniker, Hans-Hubert Schönzeler

2. Leonore Prohaska WoO 96 Funeral march

3. Triumph march in C for orchestra for Christoph Kuffners tragedy Tarpeja WoO 2a

Minnesota Orchestra, Stanislaw Skrowaczewski

4. Finale (Aria) “Germania” for the Singspiel Gute Nachricht WoO 94

Florian Prey, Chamber Choir of Europe, European Chamber Soloists, Nicol Matt

5. Finale, Es ist vollbracht for the Singspiel Die Ehrenpforten WoO 97

Staatskapelle Berlin, Chor der Staatsoper Berlin, Siegfried Vogel, Arthur Apelt

5. Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus, Ouverture op. 43
Staatskapelle Berlin, Chor Der Staatsoper Berlin, Arthur Apelt

6. Prometheus variations, opus 35.

Olga Pashchenko, fortepiano.


In 2020 it will be 250 years since Ludwig van Beethoven was born. The Concertzender will tackle this with the ambitious plan to broadcast all of his works at least once during the year. Every week from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 11 am, Beethoven takes centre stage!

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