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Long Live Beethoven!

wed 24 jun 2020 10:00 

Beethoven and Dance b: Ländlerische Tänze and Contredanses and others. WoO 11, 14, 15, 22, 23, 83, 157, 158b,  158c and 212; Hess 61.

1. 12 Contredanses for orchestra WoO 14

Kammerorchester Berlin, Helmut Koch

2. 7 Contredanses, Wo0 14

Jeno Jandó, piano

3. Ländlerische Tänze für zwei Violinen und Bass. WoO 15

Vera Beths, Gijs Beths, violin; Anner Bijlsma, cello

4. 7 Ländler for two violins and cello WoO 11
(original version has been lost, now only the arrangment for piano remains)”

Bart van Oort: fortepiano

5. Anglaise in D for piano, Hess 61

Walter Olbertz, piano

6. Anglaise in D, WoO 212.

Ronald Brautigam, fortepiano.

7. From: Songs of Various Nationalities WoO 157
no. 1 – God Save the King and
no. 5 – The Miller of the Dee

Antonia Bourvé, soprano; Rebekka Stöhr, mezzo-soprano; David Mulvenna Hamilton, tenor; Haakon Schaub, baritone;
Zsuzsa Zsizsmann, violin; Cornelius Boensch, violoncello; Michael Clark, piano.

8. Ecossaise in D for Military Band WoO 22

Ottetto Italiano with members of the Orchestra da Camera di Genova

9. Ecossaise for Military Band (only a piano arrangement by Carl Czerny is available)
WoO 23

Rainer Maria Klaas, piano

10. 6 Ecossaises voor piano WoO 83

Ronald Brautigam, fortepiano.

11. From: Englische Lieder WoO 158b
no. 4 – Red gleams the sun,
no. 5 – Erin! oh, Erin! en
no. 6 – O Mary, ye’s be clad in silk”

Georg Poplutz, tenor; Martin Haunhorst, viool; Bernard Schwartz, cello; Rainer Maria Klaas, piano.

12. From: Songs of Various Nationalities WoO158c
no. 3 – Mark yonder pomp of costly fashion,
no. 4 – Bonnie wee thing en
no. 5 – From thee, Eliza, I must go

Dorothee Wohlgemuth, soprano; Christine Wehler, mezzo soprano; Georg Poplutz, tenor; Jens Hamann, bass;
Martin Haunhorst, violin; Bernard Schwartz, cello; Rainer Maria Klaas, piano.



In 2020 it will be 250 years since Ludwig van Beethoven was born. The Concertzender will tackle this with the ambitious plan to broadcast all of his works at least once during the year. Every week from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 11 am, Beethoven takes centre stage!

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