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sun 6 jun 2021 10:00 hrs

Beethoven: Appassionata sonata, Andante Favori

You can listen to the programme Madge Point on Sunday morning from 10 to 11 o’clock on 6 June ( The repeat is on Thursday morning from 11 to 12 o’clock on 10 May 2021. Because of the coronavirus, this episode was recorded without Louis Thörig and in Geoffrey’s own studio instead of Marco Wensveen’s because of the coronavirus. Episode 188 will focus on three great Russian pianists: Nikolai Medtner, Benno Moiesewitsch and Vladimir Sofronitsky. An episode especially for lovers of comparisons.

1. Beethoven. Appassionata sonata, opus 57. Nikolai Medtner,
2. Beethoven. Appassionata sonata, opus 57. Vladimir
Sofronitsky, piano.
3. Beethoven. Andante Favori. Benno Moiesewitsch, piano.
Next time, a varied programme with unique recordings of legendary pianists.
Compilation: Geoffrey Madge
Engineering: Marco Wensveen

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