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sat 18 may 2024 14:00 CET

Just like an episode about a month ago, this episode of Mambo is dedicated entirely to the Cuban genre ‘bolero’. This episode will feature various boleristas (performers of the ‘bolero’) such as Tito Allen, Elena Burke, and Adalberto Santiago.

Marcelino Guerra was a great composer of boleros. He came from eastern Cuba and arrived in the Cuban capital of Havana in the early 1930s. During this period, the ‘bolero’ took on the form we know today.

Guerra played the guitar but also sang, making him the personification of the ‘bolero’. You’ll hear him perform several songs with other singers at the start of this episode.

The ‘bolero’ also became very popular in New York City, especially in the 1950s. A beloved bolerista was the renowned Tito Rodriguez (pictured above). This hour, you’ll hear him with the song ‘Nuestro Balance’.


1 Lagrimas Negras
Vieja Trova Santiaguera
2 Mi Manera
Marcelino Guerra & Jacqueline Castellanos
3 Convergencia
Marcelino Guerra & Omara Portuondo
4 La Clave Misteriosa
Marcelino Guerra & Reinaldo Hierrezuelo
5 Nuestro Balance
Tito Rodriguez
6 Tu y mi Cancion
Tito Allen
7 Sufriendo Estoy
Tito Rojas
8 Alma con Alma
Tito Gomez
9 Las Perlas de tu Boca
Maria Teresa Vera
10 Inolvidable
Elena Burke
11 Como Fue
Soledad Delgado
12 Todo de Mi
Ismael Miranda
13 Al Fin Llegaste
Adalberto Santiago
14 Lagrimas Puras
Ismael Rivera
15 Si No Eres Tú
José Alberto
16 Autumn Leaves
Tito Puente & his Latin Ensemble

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