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sat 25 may 2024 14:00 CET

A Mambo on Mambo. Today and in the following weeks, Mambo will focus on this specific music and dance genre. This will be a special episode featuring a radio recording from the 90s from the US will be broadcast.

It’s a recording of radio programme ‘Horizons’ by the National Publis Radio in the US. In which you will not only hear Mr ‘mambo’ Tito Puente (pictured above) speak, but also Ira Goldwasser, the compiler of this program. And of course, a lot of mambo music is played.

Alongside this radio recording, this episode will showcase additional mambo music, including pieces by the orchestras of the legendary Machito and Tito Rodriguez.

‘Mambo’ arrived in New York City from Cuba and became a major dance craze there in the 40s and 50s. What was called ‘mambo’ back then is now simply referred to as ‘salsa’, but the essence remains the same.


1 Ran Kan Kan
Orquesta Tito Puente
2 Recording of radio programme “Horizons” by the National Public Radio in the US
3 Mambo is here to stay
Orquesta Machito
4 Babarabatiri
Orquesta Tito Puente
5 Mama Guela
Orquesta Tito Rodriguez
6 Coco Seco
La Playa Sextet
7 Trip to Mamboland
Joe Cuba Sextet

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